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Agents of Alignment

Affy Abrams

Before my journey with TSI began I was always the type of person who would have a concise plan and an end-goal in sight for any business venture, work project, and any task-at-hand. After working with Transformative Strategies, I started to understand and eventually reflect their level of creativity in order to understand the mission and purpose of TSI: Committed to cultivating culture in our communities with tools, tips, techniques, & solutions for today’s society. TSI works with everyday struggles in society: domestic violence, achieving world peace, women’s equality, mental health, and so on. To elaborate on my statement regarding creativity, it is important to understand that not every solution has a clear pathway, and not every avenue needed to reach a goal is programmable. I look forward to continuing my growth as a part of the TSI team, and anticipate being a part of the solution to the causes our company works hard to understand and resolve!

Dominique DiCarlo

I am a woman who has battled and overcame breast cancer, overcome divorce, raised an incredible young man and redefined life on my own terms many times, BUT I still held limiting beliefs about my own inherent power. I used my own personal faith to attract Transformative Strategies into my life however, I never expected for them to bring a tool box full of tips and techniques to my table. Together we put these tools to “work” granting me true freedom and alignment internally. These tools and tips offered me an understanding of internal life in a way I had never experienced before. I am beyond thrilled to continue down this path of unlimited potential and mindfulness to fully transform my life with new strategies, beginning with my NOW each and every day. TSI is everything the world needs RIGHT NOW.

Jennifer Queiroz

When I went through the meditation and internal check, I felt as if I had immediate relief. COVID had really got me in a low place, as I was isolated from everyone. We still are, as I live in NY. Overwhelming feelings of loneliness and sadness were taking over my thoughts. I am a single mother and was working crazy hours. I was just losing touch somewhat with reality and really needed the balance that TSI’s mediations brought to me. Within 30 minutes, I felt as if the sadness, loneliness and all overwhelming feelings were relieved. I continued to meditate using the internal check up daily and focused on what I needed to attract immediately to gain my serenity back. I focused on friendship, peace and financial freedom. The very next day, a high school friend reached out and it was out of the blue. I went to go see another friend with him and laughed like we did many years ago. I was offered a position with the department of health that same week, again out of the blue. I had applied for this job 9 months prior. I resigned from my social work position and took this job, in which I am making 3x more the amount that I was before. My next focus was on love. This was a huge one for me because after a not so happy breakup 3 years ago, I have remained solo. The breakup was really over simple things that could have been resolved easily, but weren’t. Recently, my ex and I reconciled and he will be moving back from Washington State in a few months. Now, I am focusing on forgiveness/inner peace. The daily practices relaxes me and brings me an inner peace that I have never-quite experienced. I am thrilled for the TSI Team as they launch this journey for all people to access. Thank you TSI.

Natasha Dupuis

I found Transformative Strategies at a very dark time of my life. They introduced me to energy, vibrations, and the universe and my higher self. TSI has supported me through all of my weakest days. Years later, I still rely on their tools to guide me. Today my life looks different. I am now a guiding light for other women. Now I am breaking generational limiting beliefs and changing my family’s future for generations to come. SO excited for TSI to be worldwide, especially during such a crucial time.

Samantha Wabi

As soon as I found TSI, I knew instantly my life would be different. Their tools, tips, and techniques have pushed me to be my best self. The TSI team has earned a special place in my heart and life. They have gotten to know me and because of how they know me, they know how they can push me and help me grow. TSI has pushed me to become who I am meant to be and continues to encourage my growth everyday. I am so excited for these tips and techniques to be available to the world!

Angela LaPiccirella

Meeting the team at Transformative Strategies, where to begin. I’m inspired by their tenacity, drive, and energy. It lifts my spirit in every conversation we have. TSI cannot be stopped! Transformative Strategies is a supplemental avenue of support to those who truly need help and are in need of tools, tips, and techniques for living a more fulfilling life.

Kate Brubaker

The entire team at Transformative Strategies is so full of light. They are a blessing to me and all who know them. The team has supported me, uplifted me and inspired me, but they will not accept any less than my best – Watching TSI unfold has been monumental. I’m able to achieve new heights everyday through a daily internal checkup which allows me to begin each day with purpose and direction.

Josie Malloy

How does one encapsulate a perpetual, vast & indebted life experience in a few words? Transformative Strategies is a force. A vital missing piece for too many people is SUPPORT. I’m a firm believer that when individuals have a strong support system they are capable of anything! Even with ALL the odds against us, Transformative Strategies still provides. TSI is my motivational value. Imagining their day to day values, tools, tips and techniques becoming an open door for the world brings tears to my eyes. The world has needed this for a very long time.

Giselle Ellis

Every day I’ve spent alongside the Transformative Strategies team has been one filled with a sense of vigor for living the best life possible. Not only a determination to win for family, but one for all beings. The team truly has a deep, genuine desire to see everyone around them succeed in all the magical ways imaginable. TSI has a compassionate and inspiring drive that will continue to spark a new human revolution within us all. Seeing this transform into a structure for all people is a victory for mankind! Watching TSI being created has been a life changing experience and I am thrilled for all of the people who will benefit from it.

Laura McHenry

My friendship with the Transformative Strategies team has been a positive force in my life for years. They have taught me many things, but their outlook on internal healing has been instrumental in changing my view on my life and challenges. They have taught me to view my obstacles in a completely different way than I had my entire life. This change in viewpoint has allowed me to become the master of my own happiness and well being. I feel stronger than ever now, even when facing major challenges. The world needs this now. So much healing is needed. TSI has arrived just in time with new tips, tools and techniques to help others achieve the same life changing results that I have experienced.

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