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Living Lab

Developing our Best Selves!

On Site | Available During Each TSI Program | 20 youth at a time

Join TSI & The YMCA as we create a monthly workshop for our youth to come together for self sustaining resources, goal setting, mentorship and self care. Each workshop will offer an array of activities, discussion topics, team building activities and mental wealth. Each group will consist of age appropriate activities, topics, problem solving, role playing and happiness exercises.

Delivering self-sustaining tools, tips, and techniques for our youth to integrate into each day of their week.

  • Each child is onboarded with TSI’s Personality Quiz. The objective of the quiz is to capture the hidden strengths of each child. Through this process we are able to customize their Inspired Action Plan (IAP) to support their personal strengths, needs, and goals.
  • What is an Inspired Action Plan?
    • A customized plan to capture and define the needs of each child on a personalized basis. Each IAP is unique to the child and can be executed for 30, 60, or 90 days.

In Person workshop:

  • Four hours of friends, fun and self-sustaining activities
  • Our first hour is reserved for self care, our team of professionals will select from an array of over 50 self care activities. Begin with internal check up and daydreaming exercises
  • Our second hour is reserved for healthy habits, our team of professionals will onboard from an array of 30 healthy habits for each age group
  • Our third hour is reserved for body balancing, our team of professionals will align age appropriate experiences for each group
  • Our final hour together will include sweet treats, games and conversations for every age group

Virtual Workshop:

  • Two weeks post event | Duration 2 hours
  • Invite our group to connect virtually, two weeks after the event.
  • Together we will journal, check in with one another and offer support

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