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Mental Wealth, bringing wellness & mental health together!

Redefining learning with Social & Emotion play, in SELF-SUSTAINING ways!

The primary focus of each event is to offer activities that align the mind, body, and
spirit through the art of play, wellness and self-care.

The primary mission of TSI is to grant each child access to resources that are normally labeled as luxury experiences. The obstacles of today have no economic preference, nor do they only impact those of a certain race or religion. The only way we can create a safer, happier world for our children is by ensuring every walk of life is offered the same experiences, healing and support.

Mental Health Event

Meeting Mental Wealth events will be held twice a month over the course of 2 weekends during the daytime or early evening of the selected weekend. Each event consists of 4 corners of social engagement:

Corners of social engagement

  • Sensory Healing
  • Healthy Habits
  • Self-Care
  • The Art of Play


Each corner of healing will offer activities for the child to enjoy first hand experiences in each category of social engagement! Each child’s experience will be customized to support their current obstacles, and mental health needs with a focus on SELF-CARE & HEALTHY HABITS!

Social Emotional Learning (SEL), allows each person to unlock their best selves!

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