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Our TSI Programs are Here!

Solution Centric

…an onsite Program designed to capture each child’s natural core strengths that are captured through TSI’s Quiz. The 9 question Quiz allows our Agents of Alignment to customize an IAP for each child. An IAP (Inspired Action Plan ©) offers 30, 60 and 90 day programs, customized with all inclusive tools, tips and techniques to apply to each day of their week. Weekly and daily support is customized for each and every child.

Gathering In Groups

TSI & The YMCA are offering a safe space for our youth to gather in groups, to align the support they need. Time is our real currency and the time is now for the next generation of leaders to ingrain healthy habits into their day-to-day lives…©

Meeting Mental Wealth

Activities that align the mind, body and spirit through the art of play, wellness and self-care. This program is designed with your child in mind. ©

Trauma Transition

We can no longer require or ask our children to return to school and life after an experiences of this magnitude without a process of healing…

Meeting Mental Wealth

Living Lab offers four corners of self-sustaining healing for all age groups. Each corner of healing will offer activities for each child to heal, transform, enjoy and experience first hand! © ®

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