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Solution Centric

Serves Children | Program Duration 1-3 Months | On-Site at the YMCA |
Virtual Support

The YMCA & Transformative Strategies Inc., are Rising Up with Ridgecrest this fall, with a new, all encompassing, Mental Wealth program, designed with our children in mind.

Delivering self-sustaining tools, tips, and techniques for our youth to integrate into each day of their week.

  • Each child is onboarded with TSI’s Personality Quiz. The objective of the quiz is to capture the hidden strengths of each child. Through this process we are able to customize their Inspired Action Plan (IAP) to support their personal strengths, needs, and goals.
  • What is an Inspired Action Plan?
    • A customized plan to capture and define the needs of each child on a personalized basis. Each IAP is unique to the child and can be executed for 30, 60, or 90 days.

Scheduling our solutions with you as the focus!

  • Meet onsite at the YMCA twice a month.
  • Meet your agent of alignment – A TSI trained professional, committed to the overall success of the family & children.
  • Customized routines to support the individual success of each child.
  • Customized tools, tips, and techniques, from our TSI toolbox, to support the mental health needs of each child.
  • Align each child with a therapist for one-on-one mental health support, or review and implement the processes outlined in their IAP with their current therapist.
  • Self-care education and resources.
  • Lifestyle support through our healthy habits activities.
  • Education for the parent to support the success of the child and family.

Self-sustaining each solution

  • Work through each core support tool and daily routine for each child.
  • Ensure they feel confident and secure with integrating the tools into their day to day life over the course of their commitment.
  • Provide onsite and online support throughout the duration of the program.

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