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Trauma Transition

Transforming Trauma, One Experience at a Time!

Serves Youth of All Ages | On Site | Bi-Weekly | Virtual Support Available

Death | Divorce | Trauma | Abuse | Assault | SA | Absent Parents | Addiction | Depression | Mental Health

Who it is offered

Trauma Transition is offered to any child, or children, that has/have experienced trauma at any stage of their lives. As professionals, parents, and members of society, no one wishes for anyone to experience trauma at any age, however, many have and they need our support now more than ever. Join TSI & the Y as we lock arms in support of our youth, to ensure they have the tools, support and care needed to redefine what their life can be post trauma.


  • One-on-one support
  • An advocate to offer support in all areas of each child’s life
  • Day-to-day resources for healing, happiness, and hope
  • Customized tools to support their transition
  • Customized events, activities, and programs
  • Full onboarding of Mental Wealth program for each impacted child and family member

Key Points

  • Support groups
  • A customized daily routine to support the success of each child
  • Aligning each child with the clinical professional of their choice, or offering support plug-ins for their current therapist.

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