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Gathering in Groups

Serves Youth | Group Setting | On-Site at the YMCA

Mental Health is a state of life that is expressed by the way we think, act, and feel throughout our day. As we grow, we are able to truly understand that these 3 factors are forever changing, as are our lives. TSI & the YMCA are honored to introduce self-sustaining tools, tips, and techniques that are designed with our youth in mind. Each “Gather in Groups” session offers a safe space for our youth to share their experiences, and discover solutions for each of the obstacles they are facing, both internally and externally.

Key Points

  • Biweekly discussions & activities with a laser focus on wellbeing, social, and emotional learning.
  • Weekly gatherings customized to offer all-inclusive education & activities designed to align the power of connecting the mind, body, and spirit.

Gathering Details

  • Each youth will be introduced to one tool per week: a total of 4 self-sustaining tools per month.
    • Introduce each youth to one self-sustaining healthy habit per month.
    • Introduce each youth to one self-sustaining self-care regimen per month.

Biweekly Gatherings

  • Biweekly gatherings to work through each process together.
  • Biweekly support to apply each new routine to their daily lives.
  • Education on ensuring each youth and their parents/guardians are comfortable with each part of the process.

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